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Data is the New Perimeter

"Shift-up" Zero Trust to Cover Application Data

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has emerged as a powerful alternative to legacy "castle and moat" security approaches, but a critical gap remains. ZTNA controls network access,  but data itself - the crown jewel - often remains unprotected. As the threat landscape evolves and grows more treacherous, Zero Trust needs a shift up.

To bridge the gap, we suggest extending ZTNA principles further up the application layer of the TCP/IP stack—a concept we like to call "Shift-Up" Zero Trust. In this paper, Karim Eldefrawy, PhD, dives deep into the "Shift-Up" Zero Trust approach, outlining its potential for achieving truly comprehensive and intrinsically embedded data security.

What you'll learn:

  • How and why ZTNA fails in certain threat scenarios
  • The significance of the TCP/IP stack in extending ZTNA’s security coverage
  • An introduction to the "Shift-Up" paradigm in Zero Trust architecture
  • A deep dive into fine-grained cryptographically enforced access controls to enhance ZTNA
  • How you can "Shift-Up" your current ZTNA implementation effortlessly

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"The 'Shift-up' paradigm extends the reach of ZT principles further up the application layer, particularly to the data and business logic inside the application. It ensures that ZTNA’s security mechanisms go beyond securing application connections to directly engage with the data and resources most valuable to organizations."